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Calgary Home Renovations 

Affordable, Reputable Home Renovations Since 2002

DOUGCO RENOVATIONS offers Calgary home renovations to residential and commercial customers. We are an owner-operated company with the trades, tools and experience to tackle any type of home or office renovation in Calgary.



  1. Meet with an experienced contractor and discuss your home renovation ideas and budget.
  2. Determine if plans and/or permits are required.
  3. Provide a written quote on labour and materials.
  4. Order materials from suppliers who offer the best pricing.
  5. Pass on supplier discounts on quality flooring, tile and plumbing saving clients up to 25% off retail.
  6. Stay on the job until completed and customer is satisfied.






LICENSED & INSURED – Licensed and insured, reducing liability risks.
TRUSTWORTHY – Our reputation is important: We want a good Google review!
RELIABLE – We stay on your job until its complete.
AFFORDABLE – We pass on trade discounts that usually put our material prices at our cost.
EXPERIENCED – An experienced contractor with an eye for detail manages your job.
COST-CONSCIOUS – We always try to keep to our quotes – no surprise charges!
ONE YEAR WARRANTY – Workmanship guaranteed for one year.
PROVEN TRACK RECORD – Click Here to read what people say about our work.

Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, garage, outdoor deck or basement renovation, Dougco Renovations will complete your Calgary home renovations job on time and on budget. We make our best effort to deliver a final product without causing you any unnecessary headaches!

We are also offer Calgary Handyman Services. If you need something built, assembled or repaired, we can provide a tradesman to do the job.

Don’t put off that home renovation any longer. If you need financing, we can now help you!  See our Financeit page.


Renovation Services

Basements, kitchens, bathrooms, painting, hardwood/tile, windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, roofing – we can do the job from start to finish. 



Handyman Services

Lacking a handyman in the house – don’t fret. We can do small home repairs, remodeling, building, painting and furniture assembly jobs.



Design Guidance

Feel lost picking colours and tiles? We can design your renovation plans and send an interior consultant to advise on paint colours, cabinet styles, tile patterns etc.



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Around Dougco Renovations Ltd we take becoming a home renovation contractor exceedingly seriously. All of us understand that any time folk are searching to find a peerless home contractor in Calgary they require the greatest. Unendingly we all push to be truly the greatest home renovation contractor we could possibly be within Alberta. It is really our devotion to absolutely remaining the ideal that has gained us extremely high respect here with each of our clientele.

As a peerless home contractor in Calgary we of course invariably strive to take time to understand each of our clients questions with diligence and without judgment. We all always make time. We all believe that it's genuinely critical to be certain clientele feel really valued and of course cared for.

Now there are truly not very many home renovation contractor which hold the correct skills together with experience to label their service as a mentor of their niche. Incorporate that along with a increased level of buyer support and we truly really feel we absolutely are the greatest peerless home contractor in Calgary in Alberta.

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We are happy to talk about all your home renovation contractor questions in greater detail over the phone or maybe by way of e mail if perhaps this works better in your case. Next we will suggest the solution which best satisfies your conditions. Learn the reason people today refer to us as the perfect peerless home contractor in Calgary!

Continue to Need Convincing? Different Outstanding Reasons Dougco Renovations Ltd is A Peerless Home Contractor In Calgary

Dedication to Excellence - A Peerless Home Contractor In Calgary and A Peerless Home Contractor In Calgary

Our loyalty to good quality is particularly significant. When you're looking to become a peerless home contractor in Calgary or a peerless home contractor in Calgary, there is certainly really not one other alternative but to give it your best possible in order to stand out. Whenever any particular buyer requires added work, all of us offer this valued consumer more effort. Anything in order to make sure they will be very pleased with all of us as a home renovation contractor. Please remember, we support just about all of Alberta, and so make sure you call us today.

Determination - A Peerless Home Contractor In Calgary and A Peerless Home Contractor In Calgary

Many clientele have indeed mentioned our services as a peerless home contractor in Calgary, a peerless home contractor in Calgary, a peerless home contractor in Calgary coupled with the greatest Alberta situated home renovation contractor there is! That does not develop without exceptionally hard work as well as persistence for your consumers plus the top quality inherent in your product. When you might be looking to obtain a peerless home contractor in Calgary, all of us genuinely contend that we're the optimal solution. Simply phone Dougco Renovations Ltd to explain what you want today! 1234567890.

Experience - A Peerless Home Contractor In Calgary and A Peerless Home Contractor In Calgary

For any niche, knowledge definitely is a crucial component when it comes to success. When you will be looking for a peerless home contractor in Calgary, well that is certainly still more legitimate. Being a home renovation contractor, we all can certainly convey to you decisively that the quality will be defined through the expertise of the corporation you are contracting. The extremely significant magnitude of working experience which Dougco Renovations Ltd has got in being a peerless home contractor in Calgary, is why a person should really believe in all of us for your important patronage. If perhaps you might be looking to get a peerless home contractor in Calgary, think about Dougco Renovations Ltd. Remember to communicate with us straightaway.

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