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DOUGCO RENOVATIONS offers an experienced General Contractor for residential and commercial customers. We are an owner-operated company with the trades, tools and experience to take on any type of home or office renovation.

General Contractor for Home Renovations

Affordable, Reputable General Contractor Since 2002.
Demo + building + tiling + painting + electrical+ plumbing– we can do your job from start to finish without bring in expensive sub-trades!

Dougco Renovations is a Calgary home renovations company with a long-standing reputation for superior service, quality work and fair value estimates. We have been working around Calgary for over 20 years, leaving customers with the environment they envisioned. Our dedication to providing service, quality and value has been recognized throughout Calgary amongst hundreds of homeowners and commercial business owners.


Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, garage, outdoor deck or basement renovation, Dougco Renovations will complete your Calgary home renovations job on time and on budget. We make our best effort to deliver a final product without causing you any unnecessary headaches!



Licensed and insured, reducing liability risks.



Our reputation is important: We want a good Google review!



We stay on your job until it’s complete.



We pass on trade discounts that usually put our material prices at our cost.



If requested we can accept credit card payments for 3% charge.



An experienced contractor with an eye for detail manages your job.



We always try to keep to our quotes – no surprise charges!



Workmanship guaranteed for one year.



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What our customers say

I have used the services of Dougco Renovations for many of my home improvement projects.  Dougco turned my outdated bathroom into a beautifully tiled oasis.  When the big flood hit, they were there helping us put our basement back together.  I would recommend Dougco to anyone looking for the personalize service of an owner-operated renovation business.

Susan and Peter

Doug did such a great job with our tile in our master bath. He took the time to make sure everything lined up and was done right. We really appreciated his attention to detail and dedication to the job. He provided us with his professional insight and his honest opinion and ended up saving us money from what we originally thought we would do in the room. Thanks Doug!!

Krista Royer

Dougco recently renovated my bathroom and basement. I highly recommend Dougco for any renovations to your home. He worked within my budget and was very honest and reliable . The attention to detail in the renovations was amazing. I also learned some good lessons about upkeep of the home and renovations.

Jennifer Armstrong

Doug renovated my basement last year. He made recommendations on how to save money on the job. I was very impressed as he did not try to inflate the job into something more than it needed to be. He’s very professional and cares about the quality of his work. I highly recommend Doug for any home renovations! 

Norma Posada

Our Work


Calgary, Alberta

Providing interior and exterior renovations services in Calgary since 2002.



Dougco Renovations is Licensed, Insured and WCB Compliant

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Exactly Why to Pick Dougco Renovations LTD?

Here at Dougco Renovations LTD all of us take becoming a home renovation contractor extremely seriously. All of us understand that undeniably when folks are shopping to get a top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary these people need the best. Certainly we truly attempt to stay the smartest home renovation contractor we could possibly be around Alberta. It is really our dedication to staying the ideal that has generated all of us very good admiration with our consumers.

As a top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary we of course definitely attempt to spend some time to hear each of our consumers concerns with extreme patience and without impatience. We all always go to the trouble. All of us really feel it's very important to ensure consumers really feel appreciated and taken care of.

There are not numerous home renovation contractor who have the particular knowledge and track record to brand their service as being front runner inside their industry. Mix this along with our higher level of buyer assistance and we really feel we absolutely are the greatest top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary around Alberta.

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We'll be thrilled to talk about your home renovation contractor inquiries at great length over the telephone or perhaps via email if that works more effectively for you personally. Then we will suggest the choice which perfectly fits your requirements. Find out why folks call us the very best top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary!

Still Require Persuading? Other Outstanding Reasons Dougco Renovations LTD is actually A Top Bathroom Renovation Contractor In Calgary

Devotion to High-Quality - A Top Bathroom Renovation Contractor In Calgary and A Top Bathroom Renovation Contractor In Calgary

Our devotion to higher quality is definitely exceedingly excessive. If you're looking to be a top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary or a top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary, there's in fact no other route but to give it your level best possible to shine. In case a specific purchaser calls for extra care, we all afford that valued buyer added work. Nearly anything in order to make certain they will be very happy with all of us as a home renovation contractor. Realize, we support virtually all of Alberta, and so please call.

Devotion - A Top Bathroom Renovation Contractor In Calgary and A Top Bathroom Renovation Contractor In Calgary

Our valued consumers have indeed defined our team as a top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary, a top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary, a top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary and furthermore the best Alberta headquartered home renovation contractor you'll find! This does not develop unless there is amazingly diligent labor along with persistence for your consumers plus the high quality bestowed within your completed product. Whenever you will be looking for a top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary, we genuinely contend that we're honestly the best selection. Simply call Dougco Renovations LTD to look at your current requirements ASAP! 1234567890.

Understanding - A Top Bathroom Renovation Contractor In Calgary and A Top Bathroom Renovation Contractor In Calgary

For virtually any marketplace, expertise is really a primary ingredient in regards to results. When you're requiring a top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary, well that is certainly still more accurate. With being a home renovation contractor, we will explain to you decisively that the end outcome is certainly measured simply by the working experience of the business you've been contracting. The enormously huge degree of knowledge that Dougco Renovations LTD provides as a top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary, is precisely why an individual should invest in us for your important critical needs. When you're looking for a top bathroom renovation contractor in Calgary, look into Dougco Renovations LTD. Remember to talk to all of us today.

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