Saucy Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Earlier this week I hosted a Tastefully Simple Freezer Meal Workshopmy second one to attend, but first to host! My family and I enjoyed the meals from the first one I attended, and it was so convenient having ready to cook meals in the freezer, that I just HAD to do another one! It's a fun girls night to have!

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You can also get the products and prepare the recipes yourself if you don't have a local Tastefully Simple rep that does freezer meal workshops. I went home from both workshops with 10 meals (actually 9, because there was a meal I skipped from each since I couldn't find the correct meat at our small town HEB! ;-)) to put in my freezer! All I have to do is take out what I want to cook, thaw (I usually take it out and put in fridge the night before, or if it's for dinner, take it out and set on counter in the morning), then follow the directions for cooking! It has also allowed us to try new things that I wouldn't normally cook!

Today, I am cooking the Saucy Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin which is one of the meals we prepared for cooking. It is one of the recipes in the Summer Sizzle Collectionwhich is the set of freezer meals we prepared.

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