A Week filled with changes and barely any doctor'sappointments!

Well, although I'm a little tense right now, today is a great day! Here's the progress so far: I can actually walk for a good period of time, I can stand for a few moments without my legs collapsing from right under me, and physical therapy has been helping me with walking better each week! However this may be, because I do have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and with the pain specialist trying to link my condition to it, I thought I make a few changes to my lifestyle. So far, the MRIs show nothing, we're waiting on the latest blood tests and results, and I have an EMG and EEG scheduled later (By God, I wonder how my patience has been so strong the past two months!). With all this and since I'm still in the care of my psychologist and psychiatrist, I decided to change a few things:

1. Quit Smoking: I won't lie, I'm going cold turkey and it's really eating me up! However, all the chemicals in cigarettes is really bad for the body and nicotine is a stimulant. Quitting smoking cold turkey is definitely hard. I won't lie when I tell everyone this: I "tried" to go cold turkey yesterday; however, I snuck in two cigarettes in the day. Today, I already snuck in one. Although it's a huge leap from smoking 10 cigarettes a day, I still feel as though I'm cheating myself of a healthier lifestyle. One thing that is helping me get through the quitting, however, is actually playing video games! On Saturday, I downloaded Guild Wars 2 for my PC and I played it all weekend (a total of 20 hours of gaming). Guess how many cigarettes I had when I played this game: zero! I was so happy! So, let's see if I can do better tomorrow by not smoking any at all and just play video games/write/read all day. As my father says, "You either smoke or you don't. Just quit."

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2. Cutting back on Caffeine . Now, I've been drinking coffee ever since I was 14 not for the caffeine, but for the taste! I seriously love the taste of coffee (especially with hazelnut creamer)! However this may be, I did notice some point last week that I do drink a little too much. By too much, I mean I would have four cups a day. I've been drinking this much coffee for seven years of my life and, I'll be completely honest, I really don't feel the effects of coffee. I would have a cup of Columbian as late as 11PM and still go to bed for 11:30 (prior to this whole health situation of mine). However, I do want to cut back on the caffeine. Since I still love the taste of coffee, I switched from having 4 regular cups of coffee to just having 1 regular and 1 or 2 decaf cups. I started doing this around last Thursday and, let me tell you, I really don't feel or taste the difference!

So, these are all my thoughts for today. Since I don't have that many doctor appointments this week (only 2, thank God!), I'm just going to concentrate on what's helping me quit smoking and cut back on the caffeine: writing, reading, and gaming!

Hope everyone has a great day! Here's some questions to consider:

1. What changes did you make in your life that are for the better? If so, how did they make your life better?

2. Is there something that helps your mind get off something, but still productive for one part of your mind/body? If so, how?

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