You're on Twitter. Great.

It took you awhile to learn what RTs and MTs and #hashtags are, but now you've really got the hang of the social media platform, and you're putting it to good use. But are you?

Here's a list of thirteen Twitter mistakes you may not even know you're making.


Twitter is a great way to share links to information found elsewhere on the Internet. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. The first three Twitter mistakes are applicable to any social media platform, since they all have to do with sharing links to other sites.

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1. Pandoras Link

This is a link that doesn't link to the original source. For example, a tweet that links to a Pinterest pin that was taken from a Facebook post, that links to a blog post, that links to a Flickr image.

Why it's wrong: This is annoying to anyone who wants to find out more about the image, because it makes them click through multiple social media sites to find the original source.

What to do instead: Always link to the original source.

2. Ex-Situ Link

This is a link that leads to an image (or other media) out of context. Its just a URL to an image file that pops up in your browser, with no Web page to explain what it is.

Why it's wrong: Your followers who want to know where this awesome image came from, and where they can get more, have no idea. Combined with a Pandoras Link, this turns into a maddening trek down a dead-end street.

What to do instead: Always share the page where you found the link to the actual image (or song, or video), not the media file itself.

3. Haystack Link

This is a link to the blogs main feed page, rather than to the particular post you want to share. It makes finding the right post like finding a needle in a haystack.

Why it's wrong: Today, you may view my blog and see this post at the top of the list. In a few weeks, though, this post probably won't appear on the first page, and you'll have to search or hunt to find it. Linking to the main URL of a blog does not guarantee that the next person to click that link will find what you we're trying to share. This is especially problematic on sites that generate a lot of content.

What to do instead: Every blog post has what is called a permalink. Its a URL that will always point to that post. Usually, you can get to the permalink URL by clicking the blog post title. You'll see that the URL in the address bar contains more than just the blogs Web site address. This is the address you should copy when linking. This is the page you should be on when sharing.

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