Throwing A Baby Shower

So you are throwing a baby shower. The pressure to throw a perfect party is intense, as you want to thrill the new mother, her friends, and her family. But keep in mind, the key to any successful party is keeping it simple, but fun.

Get organized. Remember, ask the new mother for a list of her friends and family that she would like to see at her shower. Get as much contact information as possible. You can use both tradition mailed invitations, web-based invitation sites, or both. Also, since we live increasingly scheduled lives, start planning the date of the shower early, finding a day and time that is good for as many guests as possible. By getting your date set and your invitations out you are already organized and almost ready for your shower.

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Think theme. By developing a theme for decorations, you can shop smart and shop cheap when it comes time to hit the mall. Themes can range from the classic blue and pink color schemes to more gender neutral choices like yellows and greens. Be sure to consult your new mother, more than likely she has a vision too. If you choose a color, rather than baby-themed objects, you can broaden the range of decorations which could save you cash.

Be creative. By foregoing the tradition store bought centerpieces, you can let your inner Martha Stewart shine. For instance, try an easy and fun "diaper cake." Stack diapers to resemble the layers of a cake, adding small, colorful and useful items in between to make the filling. If there are more than one of you planning this party, this "cake" will allow all of you to add your own touch to the decorations. A "diaper cake" centerpiece will get a giggle from your guests and a grateful smile from your new mother.

Cook smart. Before you pull out your cookbooks and your cake decorating kit, think of ways to make it easy. Think finger foods, maybe served buffet style, giving guests a chance to circulate and giving you a break. Also, a potluck gets everyone in on the fun. If a more formal setting is what you envisioned, a catering company could be a huge help.

A more affordable option would be a combination of home-cooked food and prepared foods. Many grocery stores create gourmet meals and party foods. A grocery might also be your answer for dessert. Ordering a simple decorated sheet cake is a perfect dessert solution, as is an assortment of petit-fours or small cookies.

Have fun. Now you can contemplate games. Again, consult your new mother. If you both want to feature some baby shower games, mine the internet. You can find a myriad of web pages devoted to baby showers and baby shower games. Keep it simple, though. Games should be playful, not ponderous. Too many rules and everyone gets stressed. Every guest should have fun, including you.

Shop thoughtfully. There are many options out there to help guests choose the perfect gift. New mothers can take advantage of gift registries, letting guests know what she likes. If you just cannot decide on one gift or if a group wants to buy together, think about a gift basket. Find a large basket and fill it with smaller items a new mother would need. The basket can double as storage for the mother.

Larger, more expensive items also make great group gifts. By everyone chipping in, you can afford that new bassinet the new mother has been eyeing in the store. For gender neutral gifts that are still meaningful, many stores have keepsake items for the new mother to treasure even when her baby is all grown up. With a little thought and a lot of heart, you can find the perfect gift.

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