When undertaking a larger renovation, you might have a vision in mind but you do not know how to communicate it.  Or you might just want to have professionals enhance and build on your ideas in order to make sure you get the best end result possible for future resale.

A quality renovation can increase your property value: Dougco Renovations is an advocate of hiring designers to create plans that will guide our  renovations – Calgary area projects. We have a team that can draw up a drafted plan and/or help you select the right colours, patterns and textures for your renovation.


If you are ripping down walls and remodeling, we can provide design/drafting specialists who can build technical drawings on AutoCad.  A plan ensures your new room(s) are well balanced and built according to a visual plan that you have prepared with the draftsman.  A floor plan helps your renovation company deliver the final product you have visualized.


Designers specializing in painting have great ideas on how colour can enhance a room. If a room does not get a lot of light, you want to choose lighter colours.  Smaller rooms can look larger with darker feature walls.

Tile can be a challenging task to take on personally.  A designer can take the stress out of trying to match your back splash with your floor tile.  These are decisions that can affect your satisfaction with your renovation and your resale value.


Dougco Renovations works with reputable designers and draftsman for renovations – Calgary area.  We can supply the designer with a quote for services.  We will include the designer’s quotes in our invoice to you or you can pay direct.  One hour fee service for any development over $3,500!