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Calgary Handyman Services for Small Jobs

Experienced Calgary Handyman – Small Job Specialist

Why leave home repairs undone when you can hire a reasonably priced professional to get it done fast and accurately. Dougco Renovations now offers Calgary Handyman services. We offer the services of an experienced tradesmen to tackle tasks that might take only one hour or more. If the job turns out to be bigger than you thought, we will give you an estimate before running up a bill for excessive hours.

Before letting anyone in your house, make sure they are someone reputable that you can trust. Please see our reviews here. We have been servicing Calgarians since 2002.


Renovations – Drywall repairs, demolition, painting touch ups, small carpentry jobs, flooring repairs

Assembly – Assemble new furniture packages, shelving and storage

Installations – Install new plumbing fixtures, flooring, appliances

Exterior Upgrades – Install or repair decks, fences and other exterior features


Our minimum service fee of $150.00 gets you up to 1.5 hours of service time. Each additional half hour is charged out $38.

Our Calgary handyman services are offered to households in the Calgary area.

Please note: Our flat rate charge covers travel time plus 1.5 hours of time at your home.


SUBMIT A REQUEST –Call- 403-616-1700 or EMAIL a request for work. Please describe your project so that we know what tools and/or materials to bring to your home.

ASSESSMENT –Your Handyman Calgary representative will assess whether your job can be completed in the 1.5 hour time frame or if additional time will be required. If additional hours are required, you will be told on the spot before proceeding.

Please note: We come to your job with the tools to do the job you have described. However, we must charge for the time to drive and purchase any materials required to complete the job.

INVOICING – We would appreciate payment after the Handyman service has completed. Cash or cheques are accepted. We will email you an invoice upon request. You can also ask to pay via Paypal or direct bank transfer. * 2% charge for Paypal

WARRANTY – We guarantee our labour however we cannot guarantee the materials purchased on your behalf. Receipts for purchases made on your behalf will be provided. Materials purchased on our credit will be invoiced at cost plus 10%.


Our Calgary handyman works anywhere within the Calgary limits.

If you require a renovation that will take more than one day, we will come to your location free of charge to discuss the details and supply a quote.


  • LICENSED & INSURED– Licensed and insured, reducing liability risks.
  • TRUSTWORTHY – Our reputation is important: We want to earn your trust!
  • RELIABLE – We don’t start another job until yours is done.
  • AFFORDABLE – Our low markup pricing strategy makes us competitive.
  • EXPERIENCED – An experienced contractor works your job.
  • COST-CONSCIOUS – We keep within your budget.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY – Workmanship guaranteed for one year
  • PROVEN TRACK RECORD – Read what people say about our work.
  • PRIDE OF WORKMANSHIPView our photos on Houzz to see workmanship.

If you just need a quick fix, Dougco Renovations is also a Calgary handyman service available for all renovations in Calgary. See our Calgary Handyman Services page for pricing.

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